I have been singing most of my life, and I still find it interesting that I am more nervous in front of a small crowd than large, I don’t know why that is? The songs played this evening were written by me and some talented and well established songwriters here in Nashville that I have been blessed to work with. I was joined on stage with my sister Bethany La Deaux who is also a singer/songwriter and Bill DiLuigi who wrote two of the songs Beth sang. I plan on singing more live gigs and as much as possible. I was born to do this. Enjoy the photos and Facebook Live video that we recorded, as always, thank you for your continued support.

With a Vengeance: Written by Chloe La Deaux and Grammy Award winner Mike Joyce

I Wish you: Written by Chloe La Deaux and David Harper

Sometimes: Written by Chloe La Deaux, lyrics modified by David Harper

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